3-Space™ Embedded LX 嵌入式超小尺寸10轴体感跟踪模块

Description 描述

The Yost Labs 3-Space Sensor™ LX is an ultra-miniature, high-precision, high-reliability, low-cost SMT Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) / Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) which uses triaxial gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass sensors in conjunction with advanced processing and on-board quaternion-based orientation filtering algorithms to determine orientation relative to an absolute reference in real-time.



Areas of Application 应用领域

Robotics 机器人

Motion capture 动作捕捉

Positioning and stabilization 定位与稳定平台

Personnel/pedestrian navigation and tracking 个人/行人导航和跟踪

Unmanned air/land/water vehicle navigation 无人机/无人驾驶车/无人船导航

Education and performing arts 教学与表演艺术

Healthcare monitoring 健保监测

Gaming and motion control 游戏和运动控制

Accessibility interfaces 人机界面

Virtual reality and immersive simulation 虚拟现实和沉浸仿真    



Key Features主要特征

The Yost Labs 3 Space LX has many features that allow it to be a flexible all-in-one solution for your orientation sensing needs.


Key features include:

  • Ultra-small high-performance AHRS at 16mm x 15mm x 1.7mm and 0.9 grams            超小高性能AHRS仅仅16 x 15 x 1.7mm、重0.9克
  • Open Source API Available 开源API
  • Fast sensor update and filter rate allow use in real-time applications, including stabilization, virtual reality, pedestrian tracking, real-time immersive simulation, and robotics 快速传感器刷新和高滤波率适合实时应用,包括稳定平台、虚拟现实、行人跟踪,实时沉浸仿真和机器人
  • Advanced on-board magnetometer auto-calibration allows the sensor to quickly adapt to changing magnetic environments. 先进的板上罗盘自动校准,适合传感器快速适配磁场变化使用环境
  • Highly customizable orientation sensing with options such as tunable filtering, oversampling, and orientation error correction高度定制方向传感选项,如调谐滤波、过采样率和定向误差修正
  • Advanced integrated QGRAD2™ filtering allows sensor orientation outputs at up to 1750Hz while automatically reducing the effects of sensor noise and sensor error 先进的QGRAD2™滤波算法允许传感器定向输出高达1750Hz,并自动减少传感器噪声和传感器误差的影响
  • Robust open protocol allows commands to be sent in human readable form, or more quickly in machine readable form强大的开源通信协议可以人可读格式发送,或更快的机读格式
  • Orientation output format available in absolute or relative terms in multiple formats (quaternion, rotation matrix, axis angle, two-vector)定向输出为绝对或相对多种格式(四元素、旋转矩阵、轴角和双矢量)
  • Absolute or custom reference axes 绝对或定制参考轴
  • Access to raw sensor data 原始传感器数据
  • Embedded pedestrian tracking 步行跟踪算法嵌入
  • Flexible communication options: SPI, I2C, USB 2.0, or asynchronous serial USB communication through a virtual COM port 柔性通信选项:SPI, I2C, USB 2.0或异步串口USB通信(虚拟串口)
  • Castellated SMT edge pads provide secure SMT mounting and allow optional through-hole mounting 邮票齿SMT管脚更加牢固贴装,或通孔贴装
  • Upgradeable firmware固件可升级
  • Programmable interrupt capability可编程编译
  • Development kit available 开发板可供

Specifications 规格书

General 总则

Part number货号



16mm x 15mm x 1.7mm (0.63 x 0.59 x 0.067 in.)


0.9 grams (0.032 oz)

Supply voltage 电压

+3.3v ~ +6.0v

Power consumption 功耗

22mA @ 3.3v

Communication interfaces通信接口

USB 2.0, SPI, I2C, Asynchronous Serial异步同行串口

Filter update rate滤波更新率

Up to 1750Hz with QGRAD2 AHRS

Orientation output方向输出

absolute and relative quaternion, Euler angles, axis angle, rotation matrix, two vector绝对和相对四元素、欧拉角、轴角、旋转矩阵、二度矢量。

Other output 其它输出

raw sensor data, corrected sensor data, normalized sensor data, temperature, pedestrian tracking path传感器原始数据、传感器修正后数据、归一化传感器数据、温度、步行跟踪轨迹

SPI clock rate时钟频率

2.5 MHz max

Serial baud rate 串口波特

1,200~921,600 selectable, default: 115,200

Shock survivability承受冲击


Temperature range温度范围

-40C ~ 85C (-40F ~ 185F)


Orientation range定向量程

360° about all axes 三轴

Orientation accuracy定向准确度

±1.5° for dynamic conditions & all orientations 动态、三轴

Orientation resolution 定向解析度


Orientation repeatability 定向可重复性

0.085° for all orientations 三轴

Accelerometer scale加速度量程

±2g / ±4g / ±8g / ±16g selectable 可选

Accelerometer resolution加速度解析度

16 bit

Accelerometer noise density 加速度噪声密度


Accelerometer sensitivity 加速度灵敏度


Accelerometer temperature sensitivity


Gyro scale陀螺仪量程

±125/±245/±500/±1000/±2000 °/sec selectable 可选

Gyro resolution陀螺仪解析度

16 bit

Gyro noise density陀螺仪噪声密度


Gyro bias stability @ 25°C陀螺仪偏置稳定性

11°/hr average for all axes平均值、三轴

Gyro sensitivity陀螺仪灵敏度

0.004375°/sec/digit for ±250°/sec 0.070°/sec/digit for ±2000°/sec

Gyro non-linearity陀螺仪非线性度

0.2% full-scale 整个量程

Gyro temperature sensitivity陀螺仪温度灵敏度


Compass scale 罗盘量程

±49.152 Ga

Compass resolution罗盘解析度

16 bit

Compass sensitivity罗盘灵敏度

1.5 mGa/digit

Compass non-linearity罗盘非线性度

±0.0003 mGa/°C




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